stickerSince the introduction of Swarm by Foursquare, they have been trying to make the app look like the original Foursquare app and the reintroduction of the Leaderboards is yet another way of showing it.

Foursquare is bringing the Mayorship race to Swarm but because they know not all your friends go to the same place, they have created a New way to compete regardless of which part of the world they are.

The Leaderboards in Swarm are now based on the kind of places you go to and if you are like me and you frequent Movie theaters then you will be competing with the number of times your friends go to cinema and because you love stickers, every time you are number one for a given category you will get a golden sticker to share with your friends.

You can also check who is leading in a given category by tapping on their Golden Stickers. All this is available in the Swarm 1.1 Update for both the iPhone and Android devices.