As Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile charging solutions, RiCharge has announced its newest product, the Super Station, set to become the ultimate tablet and smartphone charging solution in Africa. Currently exporting to 12 international countries, RiCharge’s latest offering is set to achieve their goal of keeping everybody connected, all the time.


RiCharge was founded by Janine Regtien three years ago thanks to her passion for events and development of new products in the African market. Since then, RiCharge has become the first company in Africa to design, manufacture and distribute public charging stations and solutions in South Africa.

The RiCharge Super Station is the ultimate charging solution, charging up to 12 devices simultaneously with each drawer coming equipped with built-in charging tips, capable of charging any device. “With its compact stylish design and super-fast charging, your device isn’t compromised and you are able to charge right at your desk, in your pocket or your handbag. The Super Station has become the perfect charging solution for schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bars and gyms,” adds Regtien.

The RiCharge Super Station is also available to hire. This is ideal for events as it will attract feet, encourage guests to stay longer, provide safety for guests’ devices, keep people connected and generate income, with the renting out of bays.

Other RiCharge products include their Solar Charging Umbrella. Table Top Chargers and their Pocket Chargers.