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#TBTTechnology: How You Can Innovate Around Forgotten Hardware

walkmanThis week I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved the movie because it not only brought back my childhood memories of owning a Walkman it also combined this with some of the futuristic technologies that we all want to see in our day to day lives from shoes that can help you fly to planes that take off vertically and I know the SpaceX  Team must have enjoyed this movie.

My best parts of the movie is when Peter Quill is listening to his Walkman and how he fights to get his Walkman back and I know some of you might think am crazy but here is why I liked these scenes.

The Walkman brought back my childhood memories of how I listened to Music and how I played around with the cassettes tapes, while I was rewinding and forwarding manually with a pen. We don’t realize how fast technologies can do away with manual processes like this but if I was stuck on a planet, and you asked me which device I would be stuck with, a Walkman would probably be one of them.

This got me thinking about all the old hardware technologies that have been phased out from the GameBoys to the Walkmans these little device used to make our lives great, well until Steve Jobs came up with the iPods, then we thought they were not cool and dropped them.

I personally believe innovators can work around  hardware like the Walkman and the legendary floppy disks and come up with new innovations that can beat most of the new automated things we have today, Its a matter of making it look cool and do you know how many people would put on a Walkman? May be not so many but I would be one of them because we all grow up but there is that child in us and you can never take that away.

The only caution I have however is that we need to keep these re-innovations so cool so that we don’t go below the standards the smartphones and iPods have and with the raise of hardware companies I will not be surprised if I see someone having a work around the Walkman or some of the past hardware devices.

That is it for our throwback Thursday, if you have something to add to the story, let me know in the comments section.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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