I am one of those people who have very many accounts one for work, a personal account and several for my website and much as I want to always catch up in all of these accounts, I find myself opening up different browsers just to have everything open on my computer or an alternative would be to sign out of one account in order to access the other.

Well, with this Chrome Tip switching between the tabs just gets very easy and you can open up a different tab or window with just a click. you don’t have to sign in every time you want to access a different account like I have been suffering.

Option 1: Manually

In your Chrome browser look for the preferences button, it will probably be in the right hand upper corner if you are using Chrome on Windows, go to Settings and Look for Users, then Add New and create a new user, be sure to also give your user a photo to easily differentiate the accounts.


user user

After creating the account, Google Chrome will be displaying your accounts in the upper left corner and you can log into the second account to make it easy for you to always access your accounts very fast.

Option 2:

This option is a step by step 3 minute video and credits go to Cali Lewis at GeekBeat.tv