Youku Tudou  a Chinese competitor to YouTube now boasts of serving 500 Million unique users a month according to their report of Quarter 2 of 2014. The company now serves almost half of the users YouTube serves in a month.

This increase in the number of users is mainly because of the increased number of mobile users and the company says more than 400 Million videos are viewed every day using the mobile phone and this is mainly in China where Youku Tudou has it market.


According to the President and Board Director of Youku Tudou, the Company traffic has grown strongly in the second quarter and there has been a unique transition to multi-Screen monetization with over 30% of the revenues generated from Mobile and solid progress on subscription services with 379% growth year on year. The President adds that by Partnering with Alibaba on big data initiatives, they are enhancing YouKu Tudou’s products to create a  unique value proposition to advertising partners and consumers and they are confident that the revenue will continue to diversify and grow.

Victor Koo, the chairman and CEO said that going forward, they will work with online and offline partners to continue to change how content is created and monetized by directly connecting with the ever-growing consumer economy.