Airtel Uganda launched amazing Internet products for its customers under the umbrella brand ‘Switch ON,’ and now want to reward fans for sharing the good news!

By logging on to users can register themselves to activate 20MBs of FREE DATA!!!  Valid for 30 days, which will be renewed monthly.

“Switch On” is a rich product that will avail our customers ease and multiple possibilities when it comes to their data and internet needs. Airtel has created more than a product with “Switch On”. We have wrapped the ability to borrow, share and load data using a data scratch card in one great product and we believe our customers will enjoy its numerous benefits.

“Switch On” is a revolutionary data product that includes; “Multi Surf”, a service where a customer subscribes to a bundle on one mobile line and is able to add 4 other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle irrespective of where these other mobile numbers are and what type of devices they have.

It also includes “Data Beerako”, Uganda’s first data credit services, which allows users to borrow up to 100MB at no extra charge. The product further contains “Data Me 2 U”, which allows users to apportion an amount of their volume to another user.

Users will be able to enter the name and number of a friend and ‘switch them on.’ Immediately, that friend will receive a free SMS notification with the name of the Airtel user who has switched them on, along with instructions on how to switch other people on.

Every time a user switches someone else on they automatically enter a draw to win daily, weekly and monthly prizes. The more people that one switches on, the higher one’s chances of winning become.

The promotion runs for 8 weeks from 6 am – 6pm, and the daily winners will be announced on the Airtel Facebook, twitter and Google plus pages everyday between 8am – 9am.

Prizes are as follows:


(Per Winner)

Count Total Winners Criteria
10K Airtime 5 winners per day for 8 weeks 280
  • Top 5 on the switch on leader-board with the most number of people switched on
  • Repeat winners allowed
1GB Data 3 winners per Week for 8 weeks 21
  • 2 most active participants on Airtel FB Page
  • No Repeat Winners
  • 1 most active participant on Twitter using #SwitchON (No Repeat Winners)
Alcatel Tab 1 winner per 2 weeks for 8 weeks  4
  • Top switcher of over 1000 additions per week.
  • No Repeat Winners
Samsung S5 1 Grand Prize 1 Random draw for participants with a of minimum 2,000 people switched on and above.


There are no additional charges for participating in the competition, but standard data costs, as per the user’s service provider, apply for data browsing and downloading.

The ‘Switch ON’ campaign has not stopped there – to take the virtual into the physical –we’ve put NFC technology behind several standees that we’ve placed in several Airtel outlets. When these standees are tapped with an NFC enabled phone, the user will automatically be taken directly to the microsite.