The United States and many European countries are nations well known for equality for everyone. You cannot scream at your child in the US because then they will call the police on you, now if I called Police on my dad 10 years back in Uganda that would get me in a lot of trouble.

chlineWell this has changed because the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development with support from UNICEF, NITA-U, Telecom Companies and other NGOs have setup a Child Helpline, a toll free number(116) which you can call to report child abuse.

The Child Helpline is a technology based outreach service that links children in need of care and protection to  services and resources, it offers a confidential mechanism through which children can report abuse and access supportive services and resources including but not limited to counselling, rescue, health and justice services.

While Launching this initiative, state minister for youth and Child affairs Hon. Ronald Kibuule explained that the key underlying goal of this helpline is to empower children to be able to voice their concerns, report child abuse or be able to proactively seek assistance should need arise.

The helpline is going to work at 3 levels that is National call Center, District Action centers and Referral Partners and these will work together to handle the reported cases.

I Personally believe that the use of technology to solve child abuse is a great initiative and as a citizen of this great nation seeing the government organisations and Telecoms using technology to reduce child abuse means we are on great path as nation.