twitterA brand’s following on Social networks is one of the ways how influence in measured.

The bigger the following, the more influence it builds and the more brand value it gets.

Today, we are looking at technology brands with the biggest following on Twitter. Surprisingly, twitter doesn’t come first! Youtube gets to have first place.

Below is the list of the top ten tech brands on twitter.

Rank Brand No of Followers
1 YouTube 43,221,504
2 Instagram 33,69,166
3 Twitter 30,973,748
4 Twitter Espanol 13,906,765
5 Facebook 13,773,157
6 Uber Social 11,420,661
7 Samsung Mobile 8,988,876
8 TwitPic 8,889,886
9 Google 8,625,210
10 HootSuite 5,979,045

Credit: Fanpagelist