Google is going to overhaul its Gmail service and make it look much more like Google+, according to reports.

Leaked images from reveal that Google will revamp its email system with a layout that replaces the sidebar with a slide-out panel and adds a repositioned “compose” button, moved to the bottom-right corner, and a “snooze” feature, which will send emails to the top of a user’s inbox later, allowing them to return to the marked emails when they’re ready to read them.


The leaked screenshots of the updated Gmail service look a lot like Google+ or the Gmail Android app.

Another feature is the new Reminders tool that alerts users about dates in the future, letting them respond to specific emails.

The ability to “star” emails will also be replaced with pins when the update is rolled out, allowing users to highlight important mails.

This update will be the first major and much needed redesign in a long time. It seems that it will be a significant upgrade on the present Gmail inbox design, which could be described as rather cluttered and thus less intuitive to use than competing webmail systems.

It should be noted that the leaked images might just be screenshots of an internal test interface that will never see the light of day.

Source: The inquirer