Untitled designThe month of June is turning out to be a tech month this year, with WWDC14 behind us and Google I/O ahead of us, alot is expected from the tech giants as they run their developer conferences and showcase what they are mainly working on. With apple launching its new programming language Swift  which got a lot of developers excited and Updates to the iOS, the tech world is awaiting what Google is going to unveil for it’s developers on their Developer conference happening on the 25th and 26th.

As we set our focus on Google I/O this year, We are doing a recap of  last year’s event as we also try to give you an insight of what to expect this year.

Well last year Google had a big focus on Android with a big announcement of android clocking  900 Million activation and more than 48 Billion downloads of apps on the Google Play store. They launched  Android studio and besides the Android craze, they had awesome updates to their social network Google+ which exhibited Cool features for Photo sharing and Auto awesome GIFs, and Google Maps which got updates for both Desktop and 3D maps. You can check out the 3 hour keynote here.

With a great focus on Google Cloud the past few months, we expect to see a lot from the Google cloud platform team and how the mobile developers can take advantage of the cloud platform and get their apps in the cloud. the Cloud platform being scalable and highly optimisable we expect to see some nice updates for the Game developers still on the mobile platform

Another update might be a surprise wearable device running Android since we  now have Android wear, I know what most of you are thinking, “smart watches anyone? Moto 360!!!!” but let’s wait and see. This will definitely be another way of Google beating Apple to the market by launching a wearable before they do, well they had their chance. Finally we expect to see a focus on how to design for wearable devices and this might cut across Google Glass and other Wearable devices.

Anyways with Google working on a lot of projects, I should warn you to lookout for a few surprises but for now if you are not going to make it for their live event at Moscone West in San Francisco, checkout some Google I/O Extended events in a city near you.

All I/O extended events these will be free events from the 25th – 26th June and

GDG Place Time Link
GDG Busitema Busitema University 06:00PM – 04:00AM  Go here for more details
GDG Gulu Gulu 09:00AM Go here for more details
GDG Mbale Mbale 06:00 PM Go here for more details
GDG Mbarara Oxford Inn Conference hall Mbarara 06:00 PM Go here for more details
GDG SLAU St. Lawrence University 06:00 PM Go here for more details

Well you can also go ahead and let us know what you expect from Google I/O in the comments section.