happy-phones-600x398Pan Duliang, country sales director for the G-TiDE mobile phone company in Nigeria, has said the company’s products are gaining popularity and an increasing reputation in Africa, with the company’s brands among the top three on the continent.

“In Africa and Middle East, our brand G-TiDE has been among the top three brands in this field and gained a high reputation and popularity,” he said.

In Nigeria, where the company has been operating for six years, he said the mobile phones being produced by the company are widely accepted, as a result of the strength, quality, battery, features and beauty of the devices.

“G-TiDE has been operating in the Nigerian market for the past six years with cutting edge feature phones that have been highly accepted by the market because of its strong quality, battery strength, very attractive designs and good multimedia features,” he said.

To further consolidate its increasing acceptance on the continent, especially in Nigeria, he said the company is set to introduce five new Android-based devices into the Nigerian market. This, he said, is in line with the company’s mission to deliver user-friendly, high quality and competitively-priced communications tools to end users.

“The new products will compete in feature richness, pricing and durability,” he said.

“The launch of the new Android phones into Nigeria will further consolidate the position of G-TiDE as a mobile phone integrator and supplier of mobile devices of choice for end users in the country and across the West African market.

“G-TIDE is poised to deepen its commitment to its Nigeria market with the launch of the new Android phones will further position the brand among the teeming phone users not just as a communication tool but a gaming device as well.”