ubaThe United Bank for Africa (UBA) in Lagos has issued a scam alert to its customers following increasing complaints of account hacking.

In a statement, the bank said they had discovered that fraudsters were taking advantage of customer’s ignorance and hence hacked into their accounts.

The hackers send out fraudulent mails purportedly from the bank, asking customers to update their account details online.

The bank said such emails, which had resulted in several unsuspecting customers falling to the scam, were fraudulent.

“We are aware of phishing/scam email purported to emanate for UBA Plc requesting customers to reveal confidential account details such as passport, secret questions and answers.

“Please do not provide these information to anyone or click on any link to provide these details.”

UBA also warned that clicking on the fraudulent links would automatically compromise the customers’ account and said it would not be held liable for such acts.

Source: Cajnewsagency.com