Orange Group responds to exit rumours

Rumours across the web and in some of the national dailies today claimed that Orange is looking to exit the Ugandan – and African – market. Today, Orange Group, the regulatory body of Orange worldwide has released a statement to clarify.

See full statement below

“The Orange Group will revise its position in the ownership structure of Orange Uganda during 2014.

Following a capital increase that took place over the course of 2013, the Orange Group currently holds over 95% of the company.

In order to enable Orange Uganda to continue to finance its operations and to make the necessary investments to ensure its continued development, Orange has engaged a process with a view to finding a new partner.

In a highly-competitive market, Orange Uganda is recognized by its customers for the performance of its network, the quality of its mobile data services and its innovative offers.

At a time when a consolidation phase has already begun in Uganda and the first benefits can already be felt across the market, Orange Uganda has all the necessary attributes to succeed.

To ensure our success at this crucial moment, the full commitment and mobilisation of all employees is necessary. Our customers must continue to benefit from the high-quality service that they expect and we must maintain our efforts to bring innovative new offers to the market. This is particularly important as it will underline the intrinsic value of Orange Uganda, its performance and its assets in the eyes of potential partners.

The process involved in seeking out and setting-up a new partnership will take place in the coming months during 2014”

— Orange Group

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