android_windows1Are you a Windows and Windows Phone users? You might soon be able to run Android apps according to  a new report.

Sources familiar with the Redmond giant’s plans, claims that the company is ‘seriously’ taking into consideration allowing Google’s Android apps to run on its Windows and Windows Phone platforms.

The Android app support idea for Windows and Windows Phone platforms is in its nascent stage, and that internally, some believe that merely allowing Android apps in to the Windows and Windows Phone Store will work, while others believe that this could lead to the end of the Windows Phone platform on the whole.

The report notes that, “Android is the mobile equivalent of Windows on desktop PCs – it’s everywhere.” Further, the report claims that app developers are more inclined towards iOS platform for building new apps, though Android has emerged as a successful smartphone platform for apps, which Microsoft has failed to achieve till now with Windows Phone.

Nowadays any popular app debuts on iOS, with Android getting the app next, clearly the subsequent best choice of platform, leaving Windows Phone or even BlackBerry in dust until developers are ready to invest more money and time. The report claims that allowing Android support on Windows and Windows Phones would come as a ‘band-aid’ for Microsoft.

We are yet to hear anything from Microsoft about its plans on Android app support for its Windows and Windows Phone platforms, though if this comes out to be true, the Android apps on the two Windows platforms could bring a lot of joy to the users, considering that many popular apps present on Android are yet to debut on Windows or Windows Phone.