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Snipper AntiVirus, Kenya’s First Computer Anti-Virus

bunifu snipperA computer anti-virus has been developed in Kenya by a group of nine young innovators from Baringo County.

The anti-virus  developed by Bunifu Technologies has an in-built console panel which will help the users recover infected files safely. Upon release, the solution is to be sold at Kshs 3,000.

The Snipper anti-virus which took the group over a year and a half to develop also features a wireless and LAN scanner that can scan devices within your Wi-Fi range or over your local Area Network (LAN), a document, file and folder repair and restore, file and folder unlock sensor, wireless and LAN sensor as well as piracy protection.

According to Keith Korir, founder, Bunifu Technologies, the product is the first to be developed in Kenya and is better than others available in the Market.

Korir added that it will be the toughest software for even hackers out there to crack.

Upon release, there will be online upgrades for the product of the antivirus software though the company is also working on ways by which the upgrade will be done offline or without going to the internet.

Having been in the industry since 2011, Bunifu Technologies has provided technology-based services and products that range from Android mobile apps, desktop applications, web applications and engineering solutions.

Other products that have been developed by the firm include accounting software which provides real time analysis and record keeping of day to day transactions and Light Bolt SMS – a mass message sending utility that has ability to send customized personalized messages to many just from a single message.

Bunifu’s other product is an exam management system that provides an easy interface for exams processing and analysis as well as the Bunifu mini commander, a handy automated software which can process and respond to SMS commands and also process more than one command at a time.

Credit: allAfrica


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