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You can now print food!

Candy printed by ChefJet
Candy printed by ChefJet

Technology is becoming more and more awesome, and many things which were previously looked at as impossible are becoming a reality.

At CES, one of the wonderful gadgets displayed was a 3D printer that can print delicious candy for you to eat, right in your living room.

The 3D printer named  “ChefJet”, prints real, edible, delicious candy. Using a combination of sugar and water it creates a sugar frosting in all different shapes and sizes, some of which are even hollow and contain little spheres.

At $5000 you can get the base model that only shoots out basic black and white candy, while at nearly $10,000 you can get the Pro model that does all the cool stuff.

The Pro adds to the normal ChefJet by letting you mix food colouring to your treats and is also capable of printing out those bride and groom figures with detailed faces and clothes, like the ones you see on wedding cakes.

The ChefJet and ChefJet Pro printers are going to be released in the second half of this year in America.



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