map-kampalaGoogle is launching Project Link to bring faster, more reliable Internet to the places and people that need it, and has decided to start in  the modern capital of Kampala, Uganda, a dense urban center currently limited to pre-broadband speeds.

Google will be utilizing high quality infrastructure which unlocks opportunity for the people of Kampala and its businesses

Project Link enables internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile operators to provide faster connections to their users today. Such a network can serve an entire city like Kampala, while giving providers a platform on which to build innovative new services.

Google will be connecting Kampala to existing long-distance fiber lines, to help people get online.

Project Link is about unleashing what’s possible when cities like Kampala are better connected. Solutions with virtually unlimited capacity are prepared for the future and ensure we can work with local providers to build a stronger web everywhere, including Africa.

Source: Project Link