YouTube Programme Expands to More African Countries

you tubeThe YouTube Partner Program will be expanding to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda in an effort to reward content providers for their work, with money earned from their videos.

The Partner Program will be funded by allowing ads to run alongside individual videos, generating venue.

The programme is open to a wide range of people such as young animators, makeup artists and independent movie producers.


Lanre Aina, business development at Google Sub Saharan Africa, said: “We’ve been amazed at the quality and creativity of their original content. From P-Square’s Beautiful Onyinye, which generated over 1 million views in the first week of release, to Journal Rappé, Kulahappy and ThatIgboChick, African content producers are generating some of the most creatively diverse content on YouTube.”

Content providers need to sign-up their YouTube account and have at least one video enabled for advertising to become partners.

Credit: humanipo

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