Orange Kenya Introduces Wireless Device for Desktops

orangeOrange Kenya has launched a wireless device for desktop computers, costing KSh5,000 (US$57). The device which is called Huawei FP2255 makes use of a standard RUIM card similar to those found in conventional mobile phones and will eliminate the need for extensive wiring in the office.

Mickael Ghossein, Orange Kenya chief executive officer (CEO), said the desktop will complement the existing office communication equipment.

“This wireless desktop phone offers the mobility and advanced features of wireless technology and the functionality of a landline phone,” said Ghossein. “This means that the device is capable of operating independently of any other device or system, confirming its ease of use.”

Orange insists the fixed line solution still has a future in Kenya despite the apparent over-reliance on mobile networks.

Ghossein said: “Looking at developed economies as a gauge of the direction that telecommunications in developing countries will go, we see that fixed line telecommunication is the backbone of telecommunications, both for domestic and business purposes. “Mobile telecommunication is a very strong complementary solution.”

The new introductions are part of the company’s reduced reliance on copper wire for communications as the infrastructure continues to fall victim to vandalism, while reliance on fibre optic has seen challenges from fibre cuts.


Among features in the new desktop phone include a phone book with 500 entries, a calendar, calculator and an alarm clock.

The desktop phone can also connect to the internet and allows users to send SMSs.

Credit: humanipo

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