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Zambia To Block Facebook and Twitter

facebook_twitter_logo_combo1Zambia President Michael Sata’s parallel intelligence system is moving to block social networks Facebook and Twitter.

This is after realising that stories on blocked websites, Zambian Watchdog and Zambia Reports, are now filtering through the two media for domestic consumption.


Parallel intelligence is also targeting a third internet based media channel, Crossfire Blogtalk Radio, for possible blocking after it continued airing guests critical of the Patriotic Front government.

The decision to study the blocking of Facebook and Twitter, follows Zambian Watchdog and Zambia Reports’ decision to activate their respective facebook pages on which the stories President Sata does not want Zambians to access and read are being fed onto the domestic market.

Ordinary access to the websites for the domestic market was blocked last week although some locals are still able to access through advanced devices or proxy websites.

Source: Zambia Reports


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