steering wheelA 38-year-old man in Adelaide, Southern Australia has been arrested after he was found driving a  car with two blown-out tyres and no steering wheel.

The Police were stunned when they pulled over the motorist to find he was steering his damaged car – with a pair of workshop Pliers.

Amazingly, his car did not have a steering wheel and he was attempting to control the vehicle using a vice grip.

Pliers were clamped around the steering column and he was using them to steer the vehicle, turning the shaft with the pliers.

He was arrested and charged with a long list of offences including driving while disqualified and under the influence of methyl amphetamine and cannabis.

He was also charged with driving without due care, driving in a dangerous manner, driving while unregistered, uninsured and contrary to defect and breaching his bail conditions.

‘Operation Distraction, a state-wide focus on driver behaviour, in particular the use of mobile phones while driving and failing to wear seatbelts, continues to run throughout the month of July and more than 1,700 offences have been detected.’ 

Source: Daily Mail