swiftkey_logo_featurePopular Android keyboard app SwiftKey is due for a massive update. The developers announced a beta version of the app called SwiftKey Cloud, which introduces new features like cloud services, dictionary backup and trending phrases among others.

One of the major grouse users have with SwiftKey is that when they change devices, they have to teach the app their typing habits from scratch. So all the hard work you did on your old phone goes to waste. With the latest version, the developers solve that problem by introducing cloud services. From now on, when you install keyboard app on a new device and log on to SwiftKey Cloud, your typing habits and the words you normally use will be ready.

In addition to the above, the new version also introduces a new feature called ‘trending phrases’. This feature essentially scours social network sites to learn which topics or words are currently trending and they will show up on the keyboard’s suggestion bar as you type.

You can download SwiftKey Cloud beta from the company’s website and once the beta phase is over it will be available for free on the Google Play Store.