dstv moble walka portable handheld tvThe Walka Handheld TV from GOtv is a 3.5” (8.75cm) handheld television screen and DStv decoder bundled into one portable device, the DVB-H (“Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) digital TV player which allows you to watch television on the go. This device is slim, light-weight and portable and has a built in signal receiver that lets you receive the DVB-H signal and content in areas where there is DVB-H coverage. And it does not require Wi-Fi, 3G or PC connectivity.

It comes with a USB cable, a USB charger, a quick guide user manual and a pair of earphones.

Hardware/ Design

At 3.5”, the Walka Handheld TV houses a sleek design for easy portability in a plastic casing, an antenna and one front facing speaker that produce basic stereo output.


The Walka at only 320×240 pixels stretched over its 3.5” screen with 56K colors, needless to say it has a 3:4 aspect ratio (Standard Definition) display, sorry people no HD here.


It comes with one front facing speaker and a pair of custom made earphones from Walka. Equally (“God Bless the Inventor”) the 3.5mm jack allow you to place any pair of your favorite headsets.  😉


Not Available.


The device is very simple to use considering it comes with only four buttons and an up-down scrollable control that lets you move through the channels and program guide. It doesn’t offer touch-screen capability on the downside.

TechKing. Walka2 crp copy

Performance/ Battery Life

The Walka has a rechargeable Battery with up to six hours of viewing which is an asset for distance travellers obsessed with their favorite TV programs and sports.  Also, electricity problems that force you to miss live airing of your shows in case you don’t have a back-up power source can kiss you goodbye with the six hour fully charged battery from the Walka.

Key specs

  • 3’5” screen
  • DVB-H broadcast
  • Around 18 Channels

The device package consists of:

  • Walka handheld TV
  • USB Cable
  • USB power adaptor
  • Headphones
  • User guide/manual


If you are the guy who does not want to miss a single action when you are away from your TV then the Walka and some canned beer should be part of your items to carry in your back pack! Hoy mate! This device comes in handy for the individual who likes to use their smartphones for their actual purpose and not for watching TV or avoid dedicating and consuming too much bandwidth to stream TV to their smartphones.

Now considering that the Walka only offer TV and nothing other than TV, then a few issues of concern come up; Multi-functionality, perhaps an SD card slot for users to throw in a few images and music to listen to, I mean no one can watch (or want to watch) TV for 24 hours. Then maybe FM for users to stream some radio.

In general, if you don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows and sports given the many situation that may force you to, the Walka is a must have device for you.

Reviewed by: Jeddy Genrwot Gerald