While rumours are rife about Apple launching a new low cost variant of the iPhone, it’s still not known what the purported phone will be called.

However, a new leaked photograph of plastic retail packaging that appeared on a Chinese website shows white plastic boxes marked ‘iPhone 5C’ complete with the Apple logo. It’s hard to confirm if the packaging boxes are genuine, or whether they’re being made for Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone.


What’s more, some sites are reporting that the C could stand for “color,” as the budget phone is reported to come in a variety of hues..

Nowhereelse notes that the user who uploaded the image on WeiPhone also mentioned the device in an earlier forum post.

Based on previous rumors, the budget handset is expected to look like a combination of the iPhone 5, the latest iPod touch and the iPod classic.

Apple has not confirmed reports about the rumored budget iPhone.

Credit: NDTV