mobile-phones-dThe National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) has launched a new SMS-based platform which will enable the instituion to collect and disseminate information in real time. The new technology gives instant and easy access to statistical information, Donati Nkundimana, the NISR senior computer scientist and data processor, said.

The technology would help enhance communication between NISR and stakeholders, as far as disseminating and receiving information on various economic indicators is concerned, he added

“All mobile phone owners will benefit from the innovation. This means that decision-makers, individuals and institutions in the public and private sectors will be able to receive the data instantly, We are in negotiations with all the mobile telecoms to see how we can deliver the services at a low cost” Nkundimana said.

The platform, which will be officially launched next month, is mainly for disseminating information, providing public SMS interaction with the system, as well as data collection using Android mobile phones. The statistics body presently uses hard copies during data entries.

Nkundimana said the innovation was vital as it would help users of statistical data make decisions based on objective evidence provided by the institution.

The statistics body officials said receiving data would be free of charge. However, for one to request for any information they would pay about Rwf10 per SMS.

Nkundimana said the new application would also be used by field statistical data collectors to send information directly and safely to the institution’s central database.

Credit: NewTimes