Japan launches 2Gbps internet

internetFor those who think having 40mbps is the best quality or Google fibre’s 1gbps is the fastest commercial option, Imagine what you would do with 2Gbps! A new internet service provider has launched a 2Gbps fibre-based service in Japan.

So-net Entertainment, an ISP backed by Sony, launched the new “Nuro” product in Tokyo and half a dozen surrounding areas. Pricing for the service is $51 per month, subject to a two-year contract, while an installation fee of $535 will be charged as well.

Download speeds will hit a maximum of 2Gbps – being double that of the American Google Fiber service. Upload speeds top out at 1Gbps.

Google’s effort is only available in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, with a roll-out set for Austin, Texas. However, the service is slightly more expensive than the new Japanese product, costing $70 per month.

With 2bps, it means you can theoretically download 1 terabyte of data in less than 10 minutes, One limitation however is whether the LAN or Wifi ports can be able to handle such traffic.

Credit: iAfrica.


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