facebook-mobile-adsAccording to a report published by Cellular News, Facebook has started tests of a VoIP based calling service within its mobile app, but only for users based in Canada at the moment.

The mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones has rolled out an upgrade that also includes the ability to record a voicemail and send it to other users.

The mobile VoIP service is currently free of charge and marks the latest in a series of attempts by the company to generate revenues from its mobile user base. In order to expand the popularity of the service, the company recently opened its Messenger App to people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Canadians wanting to try out the VoIP service need to download the latest version of the Messenger App and then they can initiate call by pressing the “i” button in the top corner of the phone screen.

The service relies though on the mobile users own mobile data plan – which could hold back attempts to launch the service in some countries were the networks routinely block VoIP services.