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Apple Has Already Started Testing The iPhone 6 And iOS 7

It seems like the iPhone 5 just barely came out, but Apple is hard at work on the iPhone 6 – or iPhone 5S if that’s what they’re gonna call it. Starting the new year off, developers have already seen evidence that Apple is testing the next generation iPhone and iOS 7.

The Next Web has spoken to multiple developers who have shown them references to a new iPhone and iOS 7 being tested. Developers’ logs show that Apple has been testing new hardware that carries a ‘iPhone6,1’ identifier. The iPhone 5 carries an identifier that’s either ‘iPhone5,1’ or ‘iPhone5,2’ depending on the LTE model of the iPhone and which 4G bands it operates on.

Along with the iPhone 6 being tested, it’s running iOS 7 which Apple isn’t expected to release until mid-2013. The iOS 7 references have started appearing much earlier compared to iOS 6 references we saw last year. iOS 6 didn’t start appearing in analytics until a month before it was announced at WWDC.

The references to the new iPhone and iOS 7 did not reveal any clues about new hardware or software features. Are Apple’s engineers rushing to get a big iOS 7 update earlier than we’re expecting? Who knows. But as the first version of iOS with Jony Ives fingerprints all over it, we can’t wait till Apple lets us get our greasy hands all over it.

Credit: CultOfMac


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