The Microsoft Surface RT has had a generally positive reception however with Ballmer’s recent comments eyes will now be turning to the upcoming Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface RT has had ‘modest’ sales since its launch according to Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO admitted that sales of the tablet weren’t off the scale but reminded users that their HD-touting Surface Pro would be arriving soon as well.

Running on a tablet-optimised version of Windows 8 the Surface was launched to a positive reception with many praising the new direction Windows 8 was taking with others praising the tablet itself.

More recently however the Surface has come under fire after it was revealed some of the accessories provided with the tablet were easily prone to damage.

Just a week before it had also been revealed that although Microsoft advertised the entry level Surface as having 32GB of storage it would actually only have 16GB as Windows 8 when installed on the device required nearly half the storage.

Talking in today’s issue of Le Parisien Ballmer is said to give a full account of how things are standing with not only the success of the Surface but also with the uptake of Windows 8.

Source: T3