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Linkedln Personalized URL

I am sure most of us have not found reason yet to have our own URL even if it’s very easy to do and it can make a difference to your profile and presence on LinkedIn. So am going to help you with why you should get your own URL  and explain how it can be done.

When you become a member of LinkedIn you are assigned a username with a bunch of numbers. Like www.linkedin.com/pub/patricia-kahill/01/a78/990 but you can change this to www.linkedin.com/pub/PatriciaKahill

Why have you owner URL anyway? Answer is simple, because it becomes easier to look for you than the bunch or numbers and you can quote it on business cards, email signature and you are more likely to be found in search results plus its professional.

So how do you it;

1) Click on edit your profile as indicated below

2) Click on “Customize your public profile URL”

3) Enter your new URL and click on “Set Custom URL” to finish the process

The possibility that someone else with the same name as yours might have claimed  your name and that means, you will have to choose a variation. You can include a middle name initial or shorten your name if appropriate e.g. from Patricia to Pat.

In some cases you may find that there aren’t many options so you may want to add some keywords to your name like KahillPatriciaSMM.  lucky enough my name was still available so i never needed to use the above example.

Its sad that Company Page URL can’t be changed. LinkedIn does not allow it yet (hoping) but as social media changes according to people’s needs maybe it will be allowed soon.

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