Drive is a safe application especially designed for those times behind the wheel. The application reads text messages and emails out loud to eliminate accessing your email while driving and ensure connectivity on the move.

WorldMate Live turns the Blackberry Bold 9700 smartphone in a personal travel assistant, giving instant access to trip details like time, weather, itineraries etc that sync between the smartphone, WorldMate Live website and Outlook calendar.

MileageTracker Pro tracks trip details such as purpose, destination, date of trip and syncs the information with the MileageTracker Pro website to create reports for accounting and tax purposes.

BeWeather is BlackBerry’s weather application for its smartphones, presenting accurate info on current weather conditions, a five day forecast, pressure, humidity, temperatures, precipitations probability and so on.

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is one of the most popular features on BlackBerry smartphones. The instant messaging device connects BlackBerry users anywhere, anytime for instant chatting, sending and receiving photos and sharing information.

Viigo enables one click access to instant information of your choice, without having to use browsers. The information requested is delivered promptly, from anything like news, weather, shopping, movies, markets etc to live sport scores and flight schedules.

UberTwitter supports all Twitter features, such as photo integration, embedded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking and URL shortening.

Dictionary and Thesaurus is a reference content from and with more than 500.000 words, definitions and synonyms. The tool also features audio and phonetic pronunciation and spelling suggestions.

Ka-Glom is a free puzzle game with some 100 levels, offering a twist to the traditional falling blocks games.

BeBuzz Free allows BlackBerry users to customize the LED colour on your their smartphones and create repeating audible reminders for incoming and missed calls.

All application range for BlackBerry Bold 9700 can be accessed at BlackBerry App World.