To dump boyfriend or not? App will help you decide

The clever app requires girlfriends to rate and record how they feel about their significant other on a daily basis. It then analyses the data and reveals how the user’s feelings fluctuated in comparison to their general outlook on life. 

“Being able to see your relationship clearly and objectively is the first step on the path to a happy, healthy, love life — whether it’s with him, with someone else, or on your own for a while,” the Daily Mail quoted Gray as saying. 

The app warns that it cannot replace ‘discussions with a licensed therapist, a best friend or a favourite pet’, but it can certainly provide a fresh point of view. Users can also share results with trusted friends via email or SMS. 

To ensure that the conflicted dater’s answers are not be influenced by their most recent feelings they are not able to look at their own results for a whole fortnight. 

Gray’s own results showed that her mood was ‘good’ only 39% of the time and neutral for the rest. In the end, Gray believes that this simple but scientific analysis helped her to end a rocky relationship and move on.

ANI | Jun 14, 2012

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