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Research In Motion Rumorfest! Sell? Break Up? Carry On?

 from its messaging network.

  • The company could spin off the handset divisions into a separate listed company.
  • The company could sell to Amazon or Facebook.
  • It could sell the messaging network to Apple or Google.
  • RIM could stay the course, but sell a stake to a larger tech company like Microsoft.
  • None of these are new rumors, and several of them are downright laughable. Microsoft investing in RIM would be like the Yankees investing in the Orioles. It simply makes no sense. RIM’s pain is Microsoft’s gain. Microsoft has good reason to keep Nokia alive, but RIM? No. And by the way, do you know what would happen to Facebook shares if they for some crazy-ass reason decided to make a bid for RIM? They would get crushed, that’s what would happen.

    Here’s another possibility, which the story seemed to leave out: RIM could sink further into the mire.

    Eric Savitz, Forbes

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