April 15th this will mark 100 years since this tragedy happened.  To mark this day; a new twitter account; @TitanicRealTime has been created leading up to the anniversary. The new account is being run by Historic Press. This is one of the UK’s largest local and specialist history publishers, and the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic is one of its biggest campaigns for 2012. If you follow the account you will get tweets of the journey as though they are coming from people that are actually involved.

Also being made available is an iPad app. The app is called Titanic; Her journey. It is set to be released 15th Month 2012, exactly a month before the anniversary is marked.  It has features like  Detailed deck plans that can be expanded and explored, Very  Rare archive footage,   Color images of the modern-day wreck and some information on the Ship’s Crossing the disaster and the Aftermath of the tragedy. Through the app, one will also be able to get a sinking timeline and survivor accounts that vividly retell the story and events as they happened. But also there will be unique insights as to how the vessel was rebuilt in terms of design.

Were you touched by the movie or just the Titanic story, well this is a chance to relieve the moments that really transpired. It is a chance to get to see the Crew, Passengers Engineers and all the people involved tweet their tale live via @TitanicRealTime. Tweeting started on 10th March and it all has over 27,000 followers. That is enough to show you how much people believed and still believe in that story.

Be a part of the journey and enjoy it as well.