Eunice Namirembe of Text to Change speaking at Women in Technology Uganda (WITU) event in kampala last month. Photo by Javie Ssozi

Also in different countries, celebrations are done in different ways:  In Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women.  In Portugal groups of women usually celebrate on the night of 8 March in “women-only” dinners and parties.  Pretty interesting, If you come to think of it!

Uganda’s celebrations are usually Ministers and Women members of Parliament congregating in a particular district and listening to speeches about Women Empowerment and how the present government has brought about Gender equality. That is how it always happens.

Women in Technology Uganda
As I was browsing the internet, I got to find out Women Technology is not tied to Uganda only. Very many other women across the world have taken initiative in finding women a comfortable place in this technology world, which has been dominated by men for a while.  

And as we celebrate Women’s Day 2012; I thought that I would highlight Women in Technology Uganda. The group was started by Barbara Birungi @Barb311, who happens to be the Director of HiveColab. She is assisted by Maureen Agena @maureenagena who is currently working with Text-to-Change.

It was started as a forum where women are encouraged, trained and inspired in the technology field through networking, mentoring and partnering so as to increase their impact in Uganda. With these skills they are able to not only increase the number of women in tech but also enrich them in such a way  that they are able to compete favorably with their male counterparts.

Can women stand out? Yes they can, Can they stand out in technology; yes they can. Looking at what other women in technology around the world are doing:  It is achievable. But it takes collaborated effort to make it work.  

Encourage them into higher-paying technology occupations. The goal here is also to promote the economic development of our technology industry by developing a skilled technology workforce.

Encourage Transformation of corporate and media perceptions of women: knowing well that the advancement of women directly contributes to the prosperity of all.

For all of you that are in positions of Influence ,  recognize the purchasing power of women.
top leaders in government, academia and industry to recognize the purchasing power of women
And also, if you ever get a chance to mentor, train or teach: Encourage girls and young women to choose business and technology careers.  A pat on the back, the shove or nudge goes a long way in letting a young girl that she can believe in the mission Impossible.

Happy Women’s Day Ya’ll.