“Perceptive Media”: A 2012 BBC innovation


According to BBC’s Ian Forrester, “It takes narrative back to something more aligned to a storyteller and an audience around a campfire using Internet technologies and sensibility to create something closer to a personal theater experience in your living room.”

How does it work?

A TV signal would be sent, as normal, to your TV. However, the hardware in your living room would be able to modify that signal with information about you, to create a subtly different version of what you were watching, personalized for you.

However like any other project there are a few challenges:

For example, People will no-longer be able to watch TV together.  . Imagine a couple of people in a room watching TV together: all with different tastes. How would the software would be programmed to suit all their tastes.? That is a challenge yet to be addressed.

But hey , this is something definitely worth looking forward to! And it would definitely transform TV forever.

Credit: The Next Web


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