A website being viewed through Opera MiniOpera already has two brands on the market: Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. It has also introduced a revamped Opera Mobile 12 for Android and Symbian smartphones. The changes include the addition of WebGL for Android, which will allow developers to distribute content across a range of smartphone platforms, improved support for HTML5, an option allowing the use of a device’s camera in-browser and an improved Speed Dial feature.


Just last year Opera announced that its browser services had exceeded 100 million users per month, and the company reveals that more than 250 million people use its browsers across computers, phones, TVs and other devices. I do not know if this had anything to do with the closing of ‘Snaptu’ which closed on the 26th of December last year.

I did ask for opinions via Twitter for opinions on whether they preferred the now defunct ‘Snaptu’ or Opera Mini. Interestingly they were all in favor of Opera Mini but had not bothered work with Opera Mobile though!

“Opera mini gives you a really great onscreen keyboard for touch enabled devices,” said J S Makumbi said. 

Pamela Melanie Ayot said; “I don’t know if it is just my phone but for some reason snaptu take 3 days opening, opera-mini is faster, and I like speed #Uganda.” Grace Kenganzi @ had this to say as well.

“Nah! Opera Mini is better. So whatever else that Opera has in store, I am sure it will be welcome,” said Grace Kenganzi