Uganda gets first HD network calls

HD calls aim to reduce noise that often interrupts phone conversations. The crackle and hisses often associated with regular mobile calls are drastically reduced with HD calls.

“This is a first in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing a new era of telecommunications in Uganda,” says Anisha Sekatawa, Orange Uganda brand manager.

Sekatawa says mobile HD voice allows a user to have a conversation which is so natural that it sounds like you are in the same room as the person you are talking to.”  She added that the new HD voice will reduce the common background noise occurrence.

“Your conversation will be so clear even when you talk normally.  And when someone calls you from a noisy place, you’ll be able to hear them much better with HD voice,” says Sekatawa.

“Ugandans, as a whole, is looking forward to the new technology.”

Source: itnewsafrica


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