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Lots more phone calls being made online

According to a Pew report, 24 percent of online U.S. adults have placed calls online. That’s 19 percent of all adults in the country.

On any give day, 5 percent of the Web’s users are making phone calls using services like Skype, Vonage and Google Voice, according to the results.

Both of those numbers are up sharply from the last time Pew, which explores the impact of the Internet on American life, asked a similar question.

In 2007, Pew reported that 8 percent of internet users had made a call online and 2 percent did so on any given day.

Earlier in the 2000s, several surveys suggested that no more than one-tenth of users made calls and that never more than 1 percent did so each day.

According to the recent survey’s results, men and women are pretty much equally making the Web-based calls. The most frequent callers (27 percent) are in the 18-29 year-old age group and users 65 and older are least likely (18 percent).

Hispanic users had the highest percentage (27 percent) saying they make Web calls, with 21 percent of both black and white respondents saying they do so.

The poll, of 846 internet users, was completed last week. It has a margin of error of +/-3.7 percent.



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