Speaking Books: New Initiative Targets Support to Uganda’s communities with Low Literacy

They combine clear and impactful text and images with recordings, so that each page can be listened to as well as read.

Speaking books are recognized across the world for their success and are endorsed by, among others, the World Medical Association, UNICEF, the International Council of Nurses, the African Pharmaceutical Forum and the Global Fund.  They are produced by Books of Hope in the US and SADAG in South Africa.

With these multi-sensory and multilingual education tools, it is easier for healthcare professionals and community health workers to reach rural and disadvantaged communities and to communicate complex health issues in a user-friendly and understandable way.

Emma Andrews, Director of External Medical Affairs at Pfizer says: “We believe that our responsibility to patients continues beyond the medicine itself. We want to make sure that everyone, everywhere, whatever their level of literacy, can get the best from their medicine and that means knowing some simple but vital facts – and that is why Pfizer is proud to be launching the Safe Use of Medicines speaking book.”

The ‘Safe Use of Medicines’ book has been produced with content relevant to local challenges in Uganda –using artists and voices from sub-Saharan Africa. It includes important information on how best to use, store and take medicines; the dangers of counterfeit medicines and the importance of following advice from healthcare professionals.


Mrs Regina Kamoga, Uganda’s IAPO representative commented: “The Safe Use of Medicines Speaking Book meets an important and urgent need in our communities, supporting our Association’s work to improve the quality of patient-centered healthcare for all patients in Uganda.

We’re really looking forward to using the books!” Pfizer is launching the books during the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union (UNMU) Scientific  Conference in Kampala (June 9th-11th 2011).



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