How to Clean Your Laptop Computer.

This helps you save money on repairs, allows your laptop to be useful for longer, and allows you to save money to purchase that new Alienware gaming laptop you’ve been looking for.

There are three main areas of a laptop you can easily clean for yourself: the screen, the keyboard, and the trackpad. There are specialized products available for purchase, but in some cases, simple household products and a little common sense will perform just as well.

Cleaning the Screen

The screen is the most obvious part of a laptop in need of cleaning. In spite of most people not having a touch screen, people seem to smudge their computer screen by touching it with greasy, sticky, dirty fingers, almost without thought. Still, cleaning it isn’t too difficult. You’ll need two “tools” for the job: a cleaning agent without any alcohol, and a soft, lint-free cloth, such as an old, clean t-shirt, or a rag made of similar material. The cleaning agent can be as simple as distilled water, or a mixture of distilled water and vinegar. Spray the cleaning agent on the cloth (do not spray directly onto the laptop screen), and then gently wipe away dirt and smudges. There are also cleaning solutions, kits, or pre-moistened wipes available from ScreenKleen, Endust, and microfiber cleaners, which will work on eyeglasses, computer screens, CDs/DVDs, and more.

Cleaning the Keyboard and Trackpad

A laptop keyboard probably sees more use, and gets dirtier, than any other part of the keyboard. It gets just as greasy as the trackpad, but is also the prime collection point for dirt and hair, which then gets down between the keys and is incredibly hard to get rid of. You can generally take the keys off the keyboard, but industrious types will want a USB keyboard vacuum. These vacuums plug into, and are directly powered by, the USB port on your laptop itself. With a brush and multiple suction levels, these are great tools that can also be easily stored in a pocket of your laptop bag.

The trackpad seems to also attract grease and grit, no matter how often it is cleaned. A recent article on the popular Lifehacker website showed how a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a popular choice for cleaning both the keyboard and trackpad.

If you just want all your cleaning supplies bundled together, there are also many laptop cleaning kits available as well. These will generally come with an all-purpose cleaning solution, soft cleaning rag, and either a soft pad, brush, or other accessories.

Source: shopping.yahoo.com.


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