The role would start on a 20 hr/week contract basis with the goal of transitioning to full-time employment.  The ideal candidate will have strong technical and people/leadership skills, because the job involves coding as well as supporting and nurturing volunteer software developers across Africa and the rest of the world so they can learn to contribute to the project and build new apps for it.

What is required:

– 3-5 years of experience in C:  very comfortable with pointers, linked lists, complex data structures, basic file system operations, and use of NOR/AND/OR binary operations to pack lots of data into a few bytes; follows good coding practices, such as explicit casts to avoid hard-to-find bugs

– Works well with a virtual team of developers spread across multiple timezones

– Experience as a mentor or as a community/team leader

– Good email and writing skills: writes professional, cordial, and clear explanations of technical problems and solutions

The best candidates will have some experience in at least one of the areas below:

– open source project work with a diverse developer community

– embedded development

– writing parsers or data serializers

– development of complex web applications or XPath, XSLT, or SMIL apps

– tech support for end users

What is not necessary:

– no need for experience with Microsoft MFC, .Net, or any other standard libraries (not applicable for embedded code)

– no need for experience with audio processing since the Talking Book uses existing audio libraries to handle playback and recording