The Expo will be held on the 16-17 of September 2010 and we look forward to making it an annual event and probably moving the event round East and Central Africa.
The need to advance the cause for education in the country has led us to come up with the idea of the expo but also other important factors;
• Bring together diverse partners representing different groups and/or interests in the technology and education sectors.
• Partners work together, have a shared vision, and work towards common goals and objectives for the development and advancement of education.
• Partners have a comprehensive and coordinated approach to achieve the education for all goals.
• Each partner contributes something to the process, e.g. time, funding, expertise, and/or other resources
• Decision-making and management responsibilities are shared (though there may be a secretariat coordinating and monitoring the activities of various partners).

There is widespread belief that ICTs can and will empower teachers and learners, transforming teaching and learning processes from being highly teacherdominated to student-centered, and that this transformation will result in increased learning gains for students, creating and allowing for opportunities for learners to develop their creativity, problem-solving abilities, informational reasoning skills, communication skills, and other higher-order thinking skills.

ICT 4 Educ Expo objectives
The expo has a vision of having a “technology driven education system” and the event will be a vehicle for the promotion and exposure of the ICT and EDUCATION sector requirements and interests to achieve development.

The following objectives will be met:
1. ICT awareness to all educational institutions
2. Harness ICT products and services to the various stakeholders
3. Provide platform for interaction and marketing for both stakeholder
4. To foster improvement of services by both service providers
5. Showcase the potential in both ICT and Education sectors

Benefits of the expo
• A comprehensive and coordinated coverage of needs (end-to-end approach) in which players in both ICT and EDUCATION fields play a critical role and also benefit.
• The expo shall provide a platform on which players in both ICT and Education will identify gaps, provide solutions, and work to bring about effective interventions.
• The expo shall be the platform on which genuine players in both sectors of Education and ICT shall be recognized and effective business deals and transactions completed.
• The expo shall serve as a conduit of information and research findings to both sectors, to bring about awareness and understanding of the new developments.
• The expo shall provide an opportunity to revisit the “old problem” of access to quality education through increased and innovative access to services utilizing technology driven solutions.

The ICT 4 EDUC EXPO 2010 is offering exhibitors an opportunity no other has provided, of reaching out to clients, employee sources, partners in business, policy and decision makers and a young generation of tech users.

The ICT 4 EDUC EXPO 2010 Sponsorship will provide businesses, organizations and corporations with a unique opportunity to partner with one of the most innovative “ICT for Education” promotion and development teams. The expo sponsors will enable the development, implementation and presentation of the finest ICT for Education interventions. The ICT 4 EDUC Expo 2010 sponsorship program offers sponsors a flexible, multilevel engagement with varying benefits.

Who will be at the expo?
As has been indicated, ICT 4 EDUCATION EXPO 2010 looks forward to providing a platform to the various stakeholders, namely:
• Government Offices and Agencies
• Private Sector players
• Civil Society Agencies and Organizations
• Professional Development and Training Institutions
• Information Technology and Telecommunications Providers
• Education Content and ICT Application Developers
• Teachers, Parents and Learners (Schools, Universities, Colleges etc)

For more info you can always visit our website www.ict4educ.com and also write to us on enquiries@ict4educ.com

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