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Pokemon GO. (Photo Courtesy: Tumisu from Pixabay)

The Biggest Games on Each Gaming Device Right Now

The world of gaming has exploded in recent years. It used to be that games were just for children playing on consoles, but these...

Google Lifts Ban on Crypto Ads But Only in the U.S & Japan

Following its earlier ban of advertising cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings on any of its platform, Google is easing on the ban, as they announced on...

Qualcomm Has Accused Apple of Stealing its Secrets to Help Intel

According to reports by Reuters, Qualcomm Inc. on Tuesday accused Apple Inc. of stealing its chip-making secrets and giving them to rival Intel Corp, paving...

Adobe, Microsoft, SAP Announce ‘Open Data Initiative’ to ‘Eliminate Silos’

Business software companies SAP, Microsoft, and Adobe said on Monday they were forming a data alliance that will make it easier for clients running their applications to...
Seedstar Global Summit 2017 in Switzerland. Photo Credit: Seedstar

Seedstar World Selects Regional Startup Winners From Kinshasa & Nairobi for its Global Summit

Seedstar World team selected Labes Key - schoolap, and Bluewave Insurance Agency Limited as regional winners of the seedstar pitch event from Kinshasa (D.R.C) and Nairobi (Kenya)...