TICON Africa Opens Nominations For its 2024 Awards

TICON Africa awards nominations are open until July 26th, 2024, winners to be unveiled at the TICON Africa Conference 2024 in Nairobi.

Pan-African ICT body, Technology Information Confederation Africa (TICON Africa) has opened nominations for its 2024 TICON Africa Awards that celebrate outstanding industry professionals and tech innovators who have boosted both their country’s and Africa’s ICT industry, making contributions that have progressed the technology and communication sectors in Africa and created new opportunities for its people.

The TICON Africa Awards nominations are open to all ICT professionals including tech innovators working in TICON Africa member countries. Nominations are open for only three categories; ICT Young Professional of the Year, ICT Professional of the Year, and Tech Business Leader of the Year. Nominees applying for any of the categories must meet specific entry requirements, including work or industry contributions completed during 2023.

Nominations are open until July 26th, 2024 (CLICK HERE TO APPLY) and winners will be announced at the TICON Africa Conference that will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 28 to 30 August 2024. The ICT Association of Kenya (ICTAK) will host the second annual conference.

The inaugural awards saw (from Uganda) Rowena Turinawe, the Head of Innovation and Digital Service at Centenary Technology Services, clinch the coveted award for ICT Young Professional of the Year.

  1. The ICT Young Professional of the Year award recognizes an industry professional under 30 who not only excels in their field but also upholds ethical standards that positively influence their country’s industry.

Nominees for this category must have at least five years of experience in IT, and MUST be top professionals in their organization. Other criteria include actively pursuing further learning in ICT and making significant contributions to the industry.

  1. The ICT Professional of the Year award recognizes individuals who excel in ICT, stay updated with the latest developments and uphold ethical standards. They serve as positive role models and contribute significantly to the industry.

Nominees in this category must have at least five years of experience in IT and work in an ICT role or manage a notable ICT project in their organization. In addition, nominees should also have pursued at least 30 hours of further learning in the past two years

  1. The ICT Africa Tech Business Leader of the Year award recognizes individuals who show outstanding leadership in ICT and made significant contributions to the industry in at least three African countries over the past year.

Nominees for this category should be familiar with the latest industry developments and uphold professional ethics while serving as positive role models for new entrants to the industry. In addition, nominees must have at least five years of experience as a business leader in IT and have been involved in projects or initiatives completed and implemented in one or more African countries during 2023.


Notably, the TICON Africa conference will be held under the theme “Advancing ICT Solutions for Sustainable Development in Africa” highlighting how African ICT can address unique challenges for economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. The theme will also explore sub-themes including improving digital infrastructure, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) & Big Data, and tackling cybersecurity for Africa.

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