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Digital Transformation Experts Set to Unveil Their Collaborative Work

Digital transformation experts are set to introduce their collaborative work at an exclusive event on March 8 at the National Innovation Hub.

Three esteemed digital transformation experts are set to introduce their latest collaborative work, ‘Digital Transformation: The Northstar You Need,’ at an exclusive event on Friday, 8th March 2024 at the National Innovation Hub in Nakawa. The launch will mark a significant moment in the technological sphere, showcasing a comprehensive guide that promises to illuminate the path of digital innovation and transformation.

The authors, Emmanuel Mugabi, Rowena Turinawe, and Osbert Osamai, each bring extensive experience in leading digital initiatives across various sectors. Their collective expertise spans ICT Governance, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation consulting, and Regulatory Compliance, making their book a vital source of insights and strategies for navigating the digital landscape.

Emmanuel Mugabi is renowned for his work in guiding organizations through secure and strategic digital technology implementations. Rowena Turinawe, an influential figure in technology in Africa, has a rich background in business transformation and digital strategy execution. Osbert Osamai, known for his expertise in software engineering and ICT consulting, focuses on aligning technology investments with business goals to optimize value.

‘Digital Transformation: The Northstar You Need’ comes as a result of their concerted effort to provide a clear and actionable guide for digital transformation. The book addresses the challenges and strategies essential for successful digital evolution, equipping leaders with the knowledge to drive their organizations forward in the digital age.

The upcoming launch event is not only an opportunity to discover an essential guide for digital leadership but also a platform to engage with the minds behind the book. This event is crucial for business and technology leaders keen on mastering the complexities of digital transformation and seeking to implement effective, sustainable changes in their organizations.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, ‘Digital Transformation: The Northstar You Need’ is poised to be an indispensable resource, offering a well-rounded perspective on the practicalities and nuances of steering digital transformation initiatives successfully.


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