Tigo Beats Vodacom, Airtel to Win The Prestigious Ookla Speedtest Award

Tigo Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Okba during the telco's customer service week. COURTESY PHOTO Tigo Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Okba during the telco's customer service week. COURTESY PHOTO
<center>Tigo Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Okba during the telco's customer service week. COURTESY PHOTO</center>

Tigo which is a part of the Axian Telecom Group won the prestigious Ookla Speedtest Award as the Fastest Mobile Network in Tanzania for the year 2023 — beating its competitors Vodacom and Airtel which are the largest and second largest respectively telecoms in Tanzania.

The Ookla Award is an elite designation reserved for fixed and mobile providers in a market, based on consumer-initiated tests and background scans from speed test applications. Tigo scooped the coveted award against the backdrop of the company’s robust investment in its network modernization and upgrade across the country.

“After conducting an in-depth analysis of consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest, Tigo has been named the Fastest Mobile Network in Tanzania by Ookla’s Speedtest Awards,” said Stephen Bye, President, and CEO of Ookla, a division of Ziff Davis. “This award is given to mobile network operators that demonstrate exceptional speed and performance in comparison to other major mobile networks in the market for Q2-Q3 2023,” Stephen explained.


Stephen remarked that they were thrilled to acknowledge Tigo Tanzania for this achievement, which is the result of their unwavering focus on delivering a superior network experience to their customers.

Speaking about the award, Tigo Chief Executive Officer, Kamal Okba said, “We are excited and thrilled to win this much-sought-after award.” “The Ookla award is a clear demonstration that Tigo’s heavy investment in network modernization, new sites rollout, and technology upgrade are paying off.”

Since 2022, Tigo committed to invest over TZS 1 trillion within 5 years to improve and modernize its network infrastructure, an investment that has significantly enhanced the telecoms company customer’s digital experience hence led to Tigo earning local and international accolades, including the latest Ookla Speedtest award.

The Ookla Award presented to Tigo, recognizes Tigo’s ‘network quality and reliability’ following its huge investment in network upgrade, a fact that was underscored by Okba who remarked that, and we quote “We are currently executing an extensive modernization project to offer state-of-the-art and best-in-class technology in each site including rural areas across Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar to improve experience, competitiveness and accelerate the transformation of the digital economy.”

Tigo’s mammoth investment has enabled it to launch the fastest (1Gbps) 5G technology in Tanzania, in addition to upgrading all sites to 4G technology across all regions in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

The Fastest Mobile Network in Tanzania award further attests to Tigo’s ambition to support the digital and financial transformation of its 18 million customers. Additionally, the deployment of cutting-edge technologies will benefit consumers and businesses across the country.