Baryomunsi Applauds Airtel and Huawei Spearheading Digital Transformation in Kanungu

Airtel, Huawei distributed over 200 smartphones to teachers, health workers, social workers, and local leaders in Kanungu District to transform the way they serve and impact their communities.

Airtel Uganda together with Huawei Technologies Uganda extended the opportunities for internet access to teachers, health workers, social workers, and local leaders in Kanungu District by connecting them with 200 smartphones. The initiative aims to empower these vital community members with, smart devices, and internet connectivity, transforming the way they serve and impact their communities.

“In today’s fast-paced world, access to information and seamless communication is vital for personal and community development,” Airtel Uganda’s Legal and Regulatory Director, Mr. Dennis Kakonge told the press. “Airtel Uganda understands the transformative potential of smartphones, which is why we are proud to be at the forefront of providing affordable services.”

The smartphones that were distributed to teachers, health workers, social workers, and local leaders come with 5GB of data every month for three months. This allocation aims to harness the life-changing power of affordable and seamless connectivity, enabling educators to access resources, healthcare providers to provide better services, and local leaders to coordinate community projects more efficiently.

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance who honored the ceremony played a pivotal role in implementing policy reforms and direction to make connectivity more accessible and affordable — reflecting the country’s commitment to digital inclusivity and fostering innovation, making this initiative possible.


Airtel Uganda expressed gratitude to Huawei Technologies Uganda as its partner in this venture, for their unwavering support in making this initiative a reality. Together, they are not just providing smartphones; they are offering tools for progress and a brighter future for the people of Kanungu.

Kakonge urged the beneficiaries to use these devices responsibly and drive positive change in their lives and communities. The event marked a significant step in the telco’s mission to connect communities, enhance learning, and improve social service delivery.

Baryomunsi on behalf of the government thanked Airtel and Huawei for this initiative and urged them to extend the opportunity to other hard-to-reach areas across the country.

In a press statement, he said, “The government shall continue to explore partnerships that will accelerate the connectivity of everyone across the country.” “We are also exploring avenues for reducing tax rates on devices so that we can achieve this faster, as envisaged in the National Development Plan III,” Baryomunsi added.


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