ICT Minister, Hon Chris Baryomunsi Appoints New NITA-U Board of Directors

New NITA-U Board of Directors will be chaired by Alexander Kibandama, a legal expert and an advocate of the High Court.

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi today morning appointed a new Board of Directors for the National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) that will be chaired by Mr. Alexander Kibandama, a legal expert and an advocate of the High Court with a wealth of experience in ICT and Digital transformation.

“As the new Board of Directors you have a lot of work to do in spearheading the digital transformation drive and you have our support,” Baryomunsi said — further remarking that digitization and technology remain central in the transformation of Uganda is the reason NITA-U was established as the lead agency on that frontline.

“In my view since their established in 2019, NITA-U has performed very well,” said Baryomunsi.

Alexander Kibandama, the new Chair Board of Directors, NITA-U, on behalf of the Board, extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to Hon. Chris Baryomunsi for entrusting them with the role of guiding policy and strategies at NITA-U aimed at transforming our society.

Kibandama further said “I have followed a number of achievements by National Information Technology Authority – Uganda, like the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI), the MDA internet extension project, the recent price reduction, and many more. I look forward to providing leadership and support to these initiatives that are key in transforming service delivery in the country.”

Dr. Hatwib Mugasa, NITA-U Executive Director welcomed the new Board of Directors and thanked the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance for the leadership they provided them at the time when they had no board.

“We look forward to tapping into the newly appointed Board of Directors’ experiences as we work to digitize the nation,” said Mugasa as he closed the ceremony.

New Board of Directors, NITA-U

Chairperson: Alexander Kibandama


  1. Prof. Annabella Habinka Basaza Ejiri.
  2. Jackie Aneno Obol-Ochola.
  3. Dr. Theodora Mondo.
  4. Michael Ocero.
  5. Julius Otai.

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