How Big is Mobile Gaming and Gambling Compared to Other Forms of Play

A person pictured playing a game on a smartphone. (PHOTO: Katende Erick and Blaise Wayinda) A person pictured playing a game on a smartphone. (PHOTO: Katende Erick and Blaise Wayinda)
<center>A person pictured playing a game on a smartphone. (PHOTO: Katende Erick and Blaise Wayinda)</center>

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in this digital era, making them popular in the gaming and gambling industries. Reports have revealed that mobile devices are the most preferred gaming and gambling devices for casual gamers and online casino enthusiasts.

But how big are mobile gaming and gambling compared to other forms of gambling and gaming? Let’s discover more about this phenomenon.

Mobile Gaming and Gambling vs. Other Forms of Gambling — An Overview






Hardware Mobile devices Desktop and Laptop computers Dedicated gaming consoles
Graphics Decent, but limited to device capability Excellent thanks to high-end graphics Excellent with top-rated graphics
Controls Touchscreen and extra controllers Gamepad, mouse, and keyboard Gamepad and motion controls
Portability Highly portable Laptops are portable Not portable but some consoles are designed for travel
Games Wide variety of games Massive library of games including exclusives Massive library of games including exclusives
Performance Limited by mobile device hardware Top performance Designed to offer optimal gaming performance
Mobile Gaming and Gambling Market Share

According to reports, mobile gaming, and gambling have a considerable market share compared to other forms of gaming and gambling. The gambling market is expected to grow to $702.45 billion in 2023. Additionally, the share of mobile gambling from all interactive online gambling markets globally is expected to grow.

Mobile gambling has traditionally emphasized sports betting more than other forms of gambling. Industry experts argue that the increased use of mobile-based gambling apps like Betway Casino will play an important role in the advancement of the global gambling market. In this sense, you should expect to see mobile gaming and gambling continue dominating the industry.

What Factors are Driving the Growth of Mobile Gambling?

Several factors have helped the mobile gaming and gambling industry to grow dramatically. Here are the most notable factors:

  • Increased adoption of smartphones. The increased penetration of smartphones globally, especially among young people, has helped drive the growth of mobile gaming.
  • Increased internet penetration. Growing internet penetration globally has also enabled more people to access mobile casinos, which has helped the industry grow.
  • Relaxed gambling regulations. More jurisdictions are developing gambling-friendly regulations that allow online gambling operators to establish businesses in their regions. These developments have enabled the industry to grow at a higher rate.
  • The increasing popularity of social gambling. Mobile gambling has also benefited significantly from the social aspect of gambling. Gamblers share gambling tips encouraging each other to wager on their favorite teams.
  • Technological innovations. Technological innovations have also played a key role in the growth of the mobile gambling industry. Innovations such as augmented and virtual reality have made mobile gaming and gambling more immersive, attracting more players.
What Does the Future Hold for Mobile Gambling?

The future of mobile gambling and gaming looks promising. As technology continues to advance, so will the capabilities of mobile devices, making them more suitable for gambling and gaming. Top mobile gambling platforms like Betway will be at the forefront of the industry’s growth as they embrace emerging technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. Mobile gamers should expect more innovative and immersive games and betting options.